1 juni 2019

Daphne set

America Fashion

Cute purple set that I bought from Junkyard right before we left for our vacation. The jacket has an oversize look so I took a size smaller than I usually wear cause I don't like it too baggy and it turned out to be a perfect choice. The skirt was a perfect size and length! I wore my platform sneakers with it and a simple white top. My snake print belt I got at a second hand store in Sweden, and I got the black purse from the same second hand store! Scroll down for all the pictures and details.
My Daphne inspired look with the purple to my red hair!
The manchester set is from Junkyard, the skirt is sold out and the jacket is available in one size! Press here for it!
I bought my black bag from a second hand store in Sweden!
Ready to go get some gooood foood. 
Close up! Loved the purple to my red hair.
Smiling cause I'm in Kentucky. 
No highlighter needed, got my Kentucky glow on! 
The purple manchester set, white top, and the grey snake print belt. And isn't my paw necklace cute? 
Me every time I see a doggy! Meanwhile Charlie is wondering why I'm posing by his food..
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