I hope everyone had an amazing Midsummer! I worked on Midsummers Eve so this year our family celebrated on Midsummers day. We were fortunate to get wonderful weather all day, tradition usually is rain on Midsummer and last year it was really windy. Our family usually don't celebrate Midsummer very traditionally but we try to get together and eat. This year Jake and I invited my whole family to come join us to eat and play games. Everybody brought something so we had an incredible dinner with a lot of good food! Scroll down to see all the pictures from our Midsummer celebration. 
My outfit this Midsummer was this mint green jumpsuit with floral print!
The jumpsuit is from Vero Moda. 
Setting the table while dad was barbecuing.
We were forunate to get nice weather all day but we have a lot of mosquitos so we kept the net closed on our party tent.
Yummy yummy. Best part about holidays; all the good food!
My two nieces, sneaking with some strawberries before dinner. 
Love this picture of them, they are the cutest. 
Our Midsummer dinner together. 
Swedish summer at its best!
The lovebirds. My uncle and his Kickan are all smiles!
My niece loves her Kickan too so she took every opportunity to steal some snuggles. 
My cousins and our grandpa. 
The girls team was ready to show the boys what's up! One of the games we played was Kubb. 
The boys team! They won the first match but we got our revange in the second round. 
The evening ended in the most perfect way, we got to listen to grandpa play his accordion while we took a second round of fika (coffee and cake). 
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