Pictures from a nice summer afternoon together! I worked in the morning and mom and her coworkers were doing their last day before their summer vacation. So I decided that we should take a spontaneous dinner after work to celebrate that their vacation has started! We had some good food and afterwards we went over to mom's friend Britt-Marie's house and she made me one of her Mojitos. I'm afraid I'm still not a fan but it was a nice sip and we had a nice afternoon together. Value special moments like this with my mom so much, my family is everything to me. What have you been doing this beautiful saturday? 
Yummy food at a local resturant to celebrate that these three ladies have their summer vacation!
I had a burger made from Moose. 
My pretty Mama, value every moment with her! 
Cheers to summer! I got to try one of Britt-Marie's Mojitos.
Pretty and probably a really nice summer drink but I'm afraid I'm not a fan, nice while it lasted though!
Angelica Wåhlin

Ser ju supertrevligt ut! :)

Svar: Tack så mycket, det var det verkligen! :)
Jennie Stenmark

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