Been feeling so spoiled with all this sunshine we've been having these past days! Today has not been as beautiful as the one below but it is very obvious that spring is on its way. We took the opportunity during the week when the sun was out to invite my mom and grandpa to eat with us outside. In the end it was too windy to barbeque so I grilled some hotdogs for us inside and we just sat outside to eat! Mom brought her home made vanilla buns (wich was still warm, yum!) and we just sat and soaked in all this lovely sunshine. Calm, nice and special moments. Important to remember that it doesn't need to be so much more to get valuable time together. A good day, hope to get a lot more of these moments throughout march and april! 
So happy about all this sunshine we've been having!!
Ready to collect some more frecklesssss in this spring sun!
Got these sunglasses when we were in the US last; from RUE21.
Doesn't get much better than blue sky and sunshine, just soaking it all in!
The snow is slowly staring to melt, spring is here!
Valuable time with these two; my grandpa and mom.
We ate hot dogs and for dessert we had mom's home made vanilla buns!
Value simple moments with my grandpa
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