I've been enjoying my vacation in Kentucky, and I've been wanting to be present for every single moment so I decided to put the updates on here on hold! But now I'm here and ready to share my pictures from one of my best friends graduation! My girl Madison graduated from Western Kentucky University and I'm so happy and proud beyond words that I got to be there and see her walk the line! It's been amazing to follow her journey and I'm so proud of the young woman she's become! The graduation took place at an arena on the university campus and boy there was a lot of people both in the arena and on the way to and from it. It's always fun to see how graduations are done in America! Scroll down to see all the pictures from the graduation. 
The ceiling of the arena. 
The stage were the ceremony took place.
All the chairs stood ready for the graduates.
Madison's class sitting down for their graduation!
One part of the cermony were some students were honored
My girl walking the line!
Madison standing next to walk that final walk to recieve her grades!
Madison walking up to the first teacher before walking up to the two others to shake hands and have her picture taken! 
The final part of the ceremony, the students wave their red Western Kentucky towel!
Madison's sweet grandparents, heard so much about them so I was so happy to finally meet them!
Walking out of the arena after the graduation, so happy I got to be there!
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