A glimpse from the other day! I paired my black leather coat with this beautiful knitted dress from Bikbok that I got as a gift from my Mom. It's not that many left on their webpage, but here's the link to it. Really happy with this combo! The black leather jacket was a gift to me from my grandpa, it used to belong to my grandma, and it was manufactured in the Swedish leather capital, Dalarna, back in the day. Timeless garment that I really value. Hope my gorgeous Grams smiles in her heaven! Wishing everyone an amazing weekend. How are you spending it? 
Beautiful knitted dress from Bikbok, here's the link to it.
Wore it to my black leather jacket. 
And of course a simple Second Hand bag to it all. 
Details; Love the slits in this knitted dress. 
This leather jacket is so timeless, I want to wear it to everything! 
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