Cher at Friends arena in Stockholm! My friend and I have been looking forward to this show since the tickets were released, and we decided to turn it into a girls trip for us. Cher played this thursday (19th of October)! We arrived to Stockholm early in the morning and met up at the Central station and from there we went to our hotel together. We stayed at the Quality hotel Friends which I personally really recommend if you are going to a concert at Friends arena, the arena and the hotel is basically wall to wall so no jackets or unnecessary stuff needed, we just ran right over after we were done getting ready. My favorite part also is not having to take the subway after the show is over! We had an amaizing concert experience, all I can say is she's a queen, an Icon for me who loves fashion, and I'm just even more inspired after seeing this concert. Her talk during the show to ALL women about not letting anybody tell you what you can not do was incredible! The woman is 73 and still doing her thing, in mesh and sequins if I might add. Note to self after this this show; look out 73, there will still be mesh here too! Scroll down for all pictures and link for the pants.
I'm in love, look at these pants! Ordered them from Asos.
Bling, bling, bling, I could live in these. 
Link here for the pants.
On our way to the arena from the hotel!
Patiently waiting for the magic. 
Excited for the next couple of hours! 
The opening band from Wales; Bright light Bright light, check them out on Spotify!
Blurry beauty!
Ready for Cher to come out.
We sat in a great section were people were standing up to dance and sing a long to both Cher and the opening acts, so don't let this this picture of us sitting fool you! One of the best concerts I've been to.
Cher is in the buildning! A part of the show with Sonny and her songs.
There were so many amazing parts of the show, here's the Burlesque number. 
And probably my number one favorite outfit and song; Turn back time. 
Pants spam. 
If I got to, I would just wear these pants everyday, the pictures don't do them justice. 
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