Happy Halloween! My cousin Viktoria and I celebrated Halloween today with our traditional play date. I brought my make-up to her and she brought all of hers out and we just went crazy. It's always a lot of fun, we catch up on each other, eat good food, and snacks while trying out different make up. I decided to try a version of the IT-make up while Viktoria went with a super gory and awesome blister make up. She's just incredible at what she does, scroll down for all the pictures of these Halloween looks! What are you going as? 
If Pennywise took over Beverly.
" Your hair is Winter fire, January embers, my heart burns there too.."
It was a lot of fun trying out this IT-look.
My cousin Viktoria in her blister make up, look at this!!!
So grooooss and sooooo great.
The details!!
Cracking jokes about how gross this looks. 
This woman's make up skills are just incredible. 
What are you doing for Halloween? 
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