26 oktober 2019

Mr Cake

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Mr Cake. How I've waited!! And now I can finally say that I've been there! Roy Fares is the Swedish TV chef behind the chain, he does a lot of American inspired reciepies so you can imagine my excitement. I have watched his cooking seasons, so a visit here has been on my wish list for a while now. There is one restaurant in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. Maybe it's safe to say that it's the closest thing to a taste of America you can get in Sweden 2019? Their signature item at the moment is the Red Velvet Croissant, which I had to try of course. It was so hard to choose what to try but in the end I also went with the shrimb sandwich and the Devil's Food Chocolate Cake. The waiting lines outside the restaurant was something we had gotten a heads up about so we went there on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday when we were in town. The line wasn't so long when we got there but wooow there was still a looooot of people that ended up being there at the same time as us. We even got to see a few celeberties! The food was incredible, my friend let me try some of her salmon crossaint and wow, the same with my shrimp sandwich, the flavours! We were so full after our Sandwiches that we asked for to go boxes for our desserts. We had our desserts later at our hotel and they didn't disapoint. The Devil's Food Chocolate Cake was my favorite, I love red velvet and it was fun to try the croissant but the cake was the absolute best. Can't wait to go back! Scroll down for my pictures.
Mr Cake! So happy I can say that I've finally been here. 
Standing in line, I guess dreams do come true, hahaha, so happy to finally be here!
We waited for a while since the restaurant was already full, gave us time to look at the menu online and decide what to get though!
We stood in line for a little while since the restaurant was already full but it gave us time to decide!
The Red Velvet croissant is their most popular at the moment so I knew I had to try that.
Look at all these goodies, how do you choose?!
Sweden meets America at this place, the traditional cinnamon bun of course, they also had American styled ones with icing. 
These. Cakes. My. God. A piece of each please? 
All these incredible sweets. 
The sweet is also met with what I would call the Swedish fresh flavours, smoked salmon croissant, salads and smoothies. 
Couldn't wait to try all of this!
This cake was my favorite, soo good, wasn't sure how I felt about the raspberry in it at first but it was amazing! 
This shrimp sandwich was incredible, try this! I also recommend the croissant with smoked salmon that my friend got, food heaven. 
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