30 september 2019

Mom's Birthday


My mom's birhday was the other day! Swedish tradition as I mentioned around my birthday, is that we grow up being celebrated in the morning when we wake up, that includes mom's generation as well, she still has a birthday cup for her morning tea for example that my grandparents got her when she was little. Now I'm sure this is very different from family to family, mine certanly is really special.. so my little brother and I have wanted to keep traditions alive even as adults. We grew up waking up Mom or Dad on their birthdays with gifts and cake that the other one of our parents had fixed. As adults we still try to be there in the mornings for our parents. I  called my brother at 6:30 when I left my house with all the breakfast stuff that I had bought the evening before, and we met up at mom and dad's and started cooking breakfast. I set the table with fall decorations and a brand new cloth that I had bought at ICA Maxi in Karlstad a few days prior, while my brother and dad prepped hashbrowns, bacon and scrambled eggs. Then we called her down for a birthday breakfast! It was a wonderful morning and I'm so grateful for my mom and I hope she feels like she had a good birthday. Scroll down for all the pictures!
Mom and I had a girl's day in Karlstad the day before her birthday. Here we are about to enjoy some Kebab. 
My brother's sweet dog Azzi helped us celebrate Mom in the morning. 
Erik, Dad and I prepared a birthday breakfast.
I got the fall decorations from ICA Maxi in Karlstad a few days before her birthday. 
Mom's birthday cake was a Schwarzwald Cake.
My little brother Erik. 
Watching Mom open presents.
Mom is happy with her new orange press that Erik, Hanna and Dad got her, hers have been broken for years so it's been really messy work making juice. 
Dad being silly <3 
Mom and I during our dinner in the evening. 
We celebrated my oldest nephew in the evening who also has his birthday in the end of September!