Finally the final part from this trip! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Norwegian wedding. My friend Jorunn's wedding ceremony started at one o'clock so it was an early and beautiful service, perfect timing cause there came some rain just as everybody left the church. There wasn't any phones or cameras allowed in the church so I only snapped a quick picture of the decorations before the ceremony started. It was a sweet service, I have not been to many weddings but some of the things that was new for me was that they were sitting down for a lot of the parts of the service, and that they shook hands on their vows before their kiss. Sweet and it caused many giggles in the church. The dinner started at 4 o'clock. The venue was the same one that her parents used for their 50th birthday six years ago, when Jorunn had asked Sigve, the groom, if he could help her and her band play music there. It's so surreal since I remember that day like yesterday, it was right before I left for America. She was excited about this new cute guy in her band and I was just about to start a new exciting chapter of my own. And now six years later I get to stand at her amazing wedding to this guy with my own American guy, sweet how life turns out. Scroll down for some of my pictures!
They are offically Mr and Mrs!! Not crying, not crying, not crying. 
The church! It's called Egge Church and is located right outside of Steinkjer in Norway.
The guest arriving.
Mom and my little brother Erik. 
Look at my parents, so cute together! And how cute is mom's outfit? Look at her shoes! 
Jake and I with my little brother Erik and his girlfriend Hanna. 
My brother and Hanna.
Female rolemodels for me growing up. The bride's mother Line and my mom. Nothing in this world that these two couldn't fix. 
Norweigan beauties!! The bride's older sisters Kine and Siri. Both are such natural beauties, inside and out. And I believe that their mom Line made both of their gowns.
Getting ready for a wedding, everybody waiting before it's time to go in. 
The bride's twin sister Heidi and I! I bought my dress from and I believe it's sold out now. 
The cutest couple! The brides niece all grown up and her boyfriend. Last time I saw her she was so tiny, had to spend this whole day telling myself that I'm not old. 
The bride's father and Heidi. 
My sweet childhood friend Heidi. These dresses are a tradition in Norway and the colors and pattern depend on were you are from. This used to be big in Sweden too but unfortunatly not as common anymore.  
A quick pic inside the church before the cermony.
The car waiting for the newly weds. 
When did we grow up? So happy I got to be apart of her special day. From age 10 to 24 and now she is married, life goes crazy fast!
The couple and all the parents.
The venue, the same stage that the wedding couple played a very special show at 6 years ago. 
Wedding beer. What a cool idea! They brewed their own beer, got glassbottles from grocery stores and glued on their pictures.
They had a polaroid guest book, our family picture for it.  
For the wedding dinner they had barbequed two whole pigs from the father of the bride's farm which was taken into the venue by the chefs and cut apart for the guests. 
The bride giving a speech to her new husband. 
Now Norwegian weddings are my kind of weddings, got dessert before they served a buffet of wedding cakes. Dessert and then more dessert, I mean how much greater can it get? The dessert was a waffle with cloudberries whipped with whip cream. 
The groom's mom giving a speech to the bride and groom.
A special moment. 
After dessert the venue was cleared for rearrangement of the tables for dance and preparations for the cake buffet. 
So Heidi and I snuck out back to take some pictures while we had the chance. 
The best kind of friends make your double chins come out to play.
Oh happy day! <3 
Not often we get to see eachother since we live 93 swedish miles apart (578 US miles).
So you can guess why there's a hundred of these pictures.. 
Mood after marrying off a sister and a friend, what a day!
I <3 this girl. 
And then we got photobombed by the grooms mom! Hilarious, love people that can dare to let go and be funny. 
Ok just a few more. 
Almost done. 
Ok I lied. 
The older sis Kine came to take pictures with us too, this girl is the party!
Being silly 
You got to let loose, how often does one of your gals get married?
Two amazing girls, wish I could see them more often. 
My guy and I.
The sweet wedding gift Heidi had made for her twin sister. It's a box that folds apart when you open it. 
It has money, pictures and maps with messeges glued to it. 
The photobooth!
The just married picture.
The three Ambjörby gals all grown up...or not. 
And this one in the middle is married now, and me and Heidi got to be there to see her do it. 
Dad and Jake. 
The grooms sister is an opera singer so she put on a little show before the cakes.
Cake buffé, a wedding win if you ask me. No guest is going home unhappy at weddings like this, especially if that guest is me. 
So many cakes, so little plates. 
Cutting the cake!
2019, you are a crazy year. These two are married!
What a beautiful wedding cake. I think it had raspberry mousse, and yes I mixed all my cakes up so I'm not really sure ok. 
Family and friends digging in on this special day. 
More time at the photobooth after the cakes!
Heidi and her sweet nieces.
Stealing hugs in between pictures. 
So sweet, the love between an auntie and a niece. 
The bride and her niece.
The bride and all her cousins and sisters. Big amazing family!
And after the smiley picture you got to loosen up with a playful one. 
The twins and their older sisters. 
My Norweigan twins.
The family that was a big part of my childhood!
The first dance and the family gathers round and then runs up to the couple during the dance. 
So sweet. Not crying. 
The couple surrounded by their family. 
Then the dance continues.
Heidi and I got a polaroid with my camera in between dances. 
I <3 U. 

Så flote bilder og ei fin beskrivelse av bryllupet. Du erså flink til detJennie🇳🇴🇸🇪

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