Our traditional fall fair! Every second weekend of September there's a fair in Torsby, Värmland, close to where I grew up. It's kind of special to my heart cause my parents would always take my brother and I there when we were little. And as I teenager my friends and I would always meet up there to walk around looking at clothes and to buy candy. Now as adults we have kind of kept that tradition, no matter where we live or work we come home for the fair and to see each other. This year Jake and I met up with our friends Fredrik and Maria and walked around with them. We started at the local Second Hand cause me and Maria like to shop there toghether and then we got some food at one of the food trucks at the fair. I was so hungry and I simply couln't walk past the Älgkebab (moose kebab) sign without trying it! That food truck really had EVERYTHING too so it was still hard to choose. I bought some sweaters for fall at the second hand store but other than that my money went for food. Jake and I have a new favorite cheese place, the company is called Sloof and they only sell at fairs so we loaded up on a lot of that so it would last us, and I'm not a cheese person so in my opinion this company is amaziiiing. Scroll down for all my pictures!
My Moose Kebab at the annual fair in Torsby, Värmland. 
Wox Box was the name of this food truck, it had EVERYTHING, it was so hard to choose.
And I loved the look of it. 
A lot of people came out for the fair. 
My girl Maria and I looking at beanies. 
And our guys catching up while we shop. 
I didn't buy anything but I wanted to get the purple beanie to the bottom left.
There is many different kinds of stands and here is another one, I loved the swans with flowers.
The part with all the rides and games.
Now, our favorite cheese place; Sloof! 
There are so many kinds to chose from so this picture doesn't do it justice. 
My favorite is the basil and pesto cheese (the green one on the bench) and we also tried the Sambal cheese which also was amazing, we've been shredding it on our nachos and in an potato gratäng and it was so goood. 
One of our last stops, Maria and I had to get the traditional market nougat.
My favorite part of this day? Possibly so, was so hard to chose but I went with the oreo dipped ice cream.
At home ready to make a warm sandwich with my basil pesto cheese, yum. 
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