When the wedding invitation to my childhood friend Jorunn's wedding arrived in the mailbox it was so surreal!! Jorunn and her twin sister Heidi have been dear friends of mine since I was ten. Mom and dad were selling our old house back in 2005 and within 45 minutes of the add being online their mom called and wanted to buy it. A few days later they arrived from Norway to look at it and decided to buy it as their vacation house in Sweden. The rest is history! Our parents are good friends and so are we even though they sold the Swedish house to buy a pig farm in 2010 to start a new life higher up in Norway we still stayed in contact and have seen eachother when possible. Now she is marrying the guy of her dreams! They actually started going out right around the time I went to America in 2013, my family were visiting them right before I left and I still remember how she told me about this guy in her band that she thought was so cute, now they are saying I do, crazy how time flies! My whole family decided to travel with car and RV (Husbil in SWE) to the wedding, it is 93 Swedish miles (=578 US) to them from us. We split the trip in 2 days on the way there, the first stop was at a camping in Sveg (Swe) that turned out to be really nice, definatly recommend that! And on friday morning we continued the rest of the way to Steinkjer in Norway so we would be settled at her parents house before the wedding on Saturday. Scroll down for all the pictures from our time on the road.
The view from the RV in Norway close to our destination Steinkjer.
Some of the mountains, I was too car sick to take more pictures. 
The sweet wedding invitation that I got, so excited and happy for her. 
Fell in love with the bathroom in Sveg, haha, nicest Camping bathroom I've EVER seen. 
Wore my favorite jeans shorts from Target on the trip. 
The top I actually got at Ullared at the excercise department.
Belt from Second Hand, and shoes from New Yorker. 
Driving into one of the biggest ski city's in Sweden on our way to the boarder; Åre!
My parents stretching their legs in Åre.
They are so cute <3 
Hot dogs at Sibylla in Åre so we would survive the last hours in the RV. 
Important to keep these two full and happy on the road, haha. 
Now we are ready to be at a wedding. 
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