We arrived late to Steinkjer the evening before the wedding. I got to see the bride real quick and I got to show her twin sister Heidi my options of dresses before it was time for all of us to head to bed. The first thing I saw in the morning when I stepped out of the RV was the bride's father and uncle putting up the Norweigan flag for this special day. What I think is different from the US is that we only put our flags up on special occations, you are not supposed to have them up everyday. I see both things being nice but I really appreciate this tradition cause it really shows that there's something going on when the flag is up in the air.  I had my alarm set so I would have time to curl my hair and do my make up. The bride's big sister Siri wanted me to help with her hair and her youngest daughter's hair (who was going to be the flowergirl) so I did mine real quick and then when straight to it. Their ceremony started at one o'clock so we had to be fast to be able to get everyone ready on time but we had a blast while doing it! Siri is a natural beauty and her and I had a lot of fun fixing her hair and make up. Scroll down for all the pictures from everyone getting ready for this amazing day.
Siri and I getting our curls on for the day. 
The bride's uncle and father putting the flag up for the special occasion.
Jorunn's uncle supervising while her father makes the last adjustments. 
Special moment, I grew up with all of these people so to wake up to the view of Jorunn's father putting up the flag for her big day was special. Made me stop for a second and take everything in.  
The flag is up to celebrate love!
There's something magical about the morning sun on the Norweigan country side.
Excited to celebrate our girl getting hitched!!
Siri is a natural beauty and I had so much fun getting ready with her.
After Siri's hair I curled this cute little the flower girl's hair.
So sweet and excited about her curls and day as a flower girl.
Jorunn got her headband from wish. 
The view from Jorunn's parents farm, leaving for the wedding! 
Took the pictures of my beautiful dress at home because there was simply no time before the wedding.
I bought it from Nelly.com, press the link for it. It's so dreamy, want to wear it everyday.
I got my gorgoues shoes from the amazing shoe store called Marti and Liz in Hartford, Ky. 
So comfortable and gorgeous. 
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