Forest walk in the spring sun! In Sweden we are currently still allowed to leave the house if we feel 100% healthy. If you feel the slightest symptoms you should not leave the house. I heard Trump's statement about Sweden on the news and Sweden is not suffering the way the president is implying. If you are wondering about our current situation press here for Folkhälsomyndigheten's numbers, they update everyday. Back to us; Jake and I try not to go out in society more than we have to at the moment. What we do instead on our day's off is we try to work on the house and take walks in our forest. Feeling even more grateful at the moment to live on the country side because if we need to go out for some fresh air we don't disturb anyone. These pictures are from a few days ago when we took a walk to this beautiful stream in the forest above our home. 
Jake and our fur baby by one part of the stream in the forest above our house, still icy.
Taking a walk to get some sunshine on our faces.
The forest is just so calming and beautiful. 
I mean look at this! The path went high above this little waterfall so I got a nice shot of it. 
Beautiful and peaceful nature. 
Could sit and look at this for hours. 
Our happy baby exploring. 
My silly boy loves sitting like this, Mama's little bestie.
My silly nugget brightens any day <3
My camera usually go wherever I go, love taking pictures out like this in nature. 
My best friend and I, nothing better than exploring together. 
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