I hope everyone is staying safe and looking out for one another through this Corona crisis. Jake and I are feeling safe at the moment in our home in Sweden. Concerned and worried, of course, but we are trying to do our part to not to leave the house more than necessary. So far he and I can go to our jobs as "normal", but we are trying to be prepared if that would change. I'm feeling for everyone, these are scary and hard times. What I hope we learn from this is to appreciate each other more and value every field of employment, we all bring something to the table. Here's a few pictures from a day off at home enjoying the spring that has arrived. Please be safe, for your and others' sake. 
My purple fleece jacket is second hand.
Hoping to work on this house some more during this spring. 
My purple set I got last year from Junkyard
I'm so happy that spring is here, enjoying it from home. 
Trying to do our part in this and not leave the house more than necessary.
Please be safe and take care of each other. 
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