31 augusti 2020


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My 25th birthday! It's been a very busy week back at work so I haven't been able to go through all of my pictures from my birthday until now. Nothing about this year is going as planned, I had a dream about how I wanted to spend my birthday this year before covid but those plans were no longer possible, neither was plan B, but it turned out even better than I could have planned. My sweet fiancé spoiled me all morning and then my family surprised me with a small dinner together. So I got an incredible day, spoiled beyond words with having such a sweet family that put in so much work to celebrate me. Thank you to everyone, I'm so so grateful. Scroll down to see all the pictures!
Birthday dress, I dusted off a rushed yellow Fashionnova dress that I got last September.
It's one of the best dresses I've ever worn, it's so flattering for me, the only thing is that it came without a lining so it was complety see through before I worked some magic. 
It was the first and only time (so far) that I ordered from Fashionnova, the dress is sold out. 
My sweet baby boy hanging out with mama in his favorite spot. 
My incredible mom and dad made me a smörgåstårta from scratch!
It was so yummy, they made an amazing filling using some smoked fish. 
So sweet, my family surprised me with a small dinner at my older brother's place.
The girls! My sister-in-law, my mom, and my oldest niece
The boys! My youngest nephew, my dad, and my younger brother. 
With the birthgivers! So grateful for everything they have done and still do.
First time ordering cakes from Vansbro Konditori, for chocolate lovers like myself this chocolate raspberry mousse cake was a dream!
I've been eating the traditional Princess cake at birthdays, funerals, weddings, and baptisms for 25 years now so I'm maybe not the biggest fan by now so to change it up a little I got the blueberry flavored one. 
Best of them all, momma's cake! My mom made me an amazing whipped cream cake with raspberries from her garden. 
The gifts my niece and nephew got me, made auntie tear up! 
Snapping with my momma <3 

Ser verkligen ut som en magisk dag! Vad fin outfit! Stort grattis i efterskott! Stor kram!

Svar: Tack så mycket fina du! Det var verkligen en jättemysig dag. Stor kram!💛
Jennie Stenmark

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