The Spring sun has arrived to Sweden! And here comes a few pictures from when Jake and I got to enjoy it with one of our little sunshines, my youngest niece. We had her for two days last weekend and we filled it with some activities, we baked muffins, went for a walk on the mountain with her stroller, watched one of her favorite movies, and Jake and her played on his ukulele. On his day off we decided to show her the ski resort Branäs that's close to were we live. The sun shined so beautiful and we took her for her first ride in a Gondol to see the view on the top of the mountain. They have a little café on the top named Toppstugan, it's usually full but we had perfect timing so we got a spot by the windows. After our trip to the top we went back down for some lunch in one of the restaurants at the bottom. We got an amazing day together, can't wait to do this again!
My niece showing her unicorn the view from the top of the Branäs mountain, soo cuteeee.
Her first trip up here.
We were lucky to get a table by one of the windows so we could see this amazing view, the pictures doesn't do it justice. 
My little girl and I enjoying some hot chocolate at Topstugan.
Uncle Jake is the new favorite.
I had to stop and take a picture of the view from outside, but it simply does not do it justice. 
Where the Gondol comes up on the mountain.
She got to see our valley from above.
Her first Gondol ride, so happy I got to be there for it. 
The two buddies are ready for some lunch. 
Uncle Jake knows how to make being carried fun.
These two goofing around while waiting for our food.
The restaurant Brants in Branäs were we had our lunch.
My two gangsters...
She wanted to take a picture of uncle, auntie and, the unicorn, so here we are. We already can't wait for next time we get to see our little nugget, and Unicorn of course.