I recently got to borrow my 3-yearold Niece for two days, and I decided to take her on a mini roadtrip to the Swedish Ski area Sälen. My parents own a cabin there and my mother tagged a long for our two day girls trip. We had two days filled with activities, among the things we did was we went sledding. The different ski areas usually have a hill for sledding and we found a good one for her and mom and I sure got a good work out from walking up and down with her. We ate a lot of good food, by a random choice we ended up at a library and to my surprise my niece loved it. She played in a playground by one of the ski resorts and our final activity was to go to the swiming pool. She had talked about going swimming for two days so we made sure to pinch that in before we drove home again. I got to have two wonderful days with my mom and niece and I'm hoping we can do this again soon! Scroll down for my pictures from our two day adventure. 
My niece and I after a good lunch in Sälen. 
Ready for our two day adventure!
Happy girl!
Going sledding was a hit. 
With smiles this big you can barely tell that it rained on us. 
Mom and I took turns taking her up the hill. good exercise. 
Snow angels, or something? 
Kexchoklad had a play area she wanted to try. 
Two cuties, she was way too short for this so mom had to lift her. 
She loved her hot chocolate. 
After food she had her eyes set on the nearby playground. 
Not much beats a slide at this age. 
Another day waiting for some good food. 
Pizza or pancakes? She didn't think that was a hard choice.
Pizza didn't stand a chance to pancakes with this one. 
Her and I ended up at a library by a random choice.
To my surpise she loved it. 
She thought there was so much exciting to see, and we read books in between exploring. 
Thankful for two days with aunties little girl, can't wait for next time! 
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