I have the fortune of living next to this beautiful ski resort in Värmland; Branäs. I grew up around these parts. Figured I'd share some of it's beauty from a day off. I needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air, and some good sunshine on my face, so Jake and I went up the mountain by the Gondol to enjoy the view before he had to go to work. My camera follows me about anywhere but the wind was very strong so I didn't take as many pictures of the view from the top as I maybe would have liked but there will for sure be more opportunities, this day was just about getting a good breather and being in the moment. Scroll down for my pictures!
Arriving on top of the Branäs mountain by the Gondol. 
The view from the Gondol, the river Klarälven running through the valley like a snake.  
Looking down on the beautiful valley, Jake and I could see our house from the top.
I got a new bling bag you all, and even better; it's a fanny paaaack. 
Ready to get some good sunshine on my face. 
My bag is from Bikbok, I believe it's sold out.
My beanie is from Burton, bought it at Hatstore, believe that it also is sold out.
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