Oh happy Saturday! Got to see my amazing cousin Viktoria today. We always have a lot of fun doing weird things together so here's what we did this time; I got her Disney villain face masks for her birthday and I also got myself a couple so we got together to try them. I think face masks in general look creepy, but these ones were super creepy and hilarious on. We laughed so hard looking at each other! It was a little hard getting them to fit right on the face so it made it extra funny when you couldn't see the other person's mouth moving. We had so much fun with these, I really recommend them if you want a good laugh. While trying on our masks and catching up, we also had some good snacks and watched an nostalgic movie for us; The Princess Diaries. We watched those two movies so many times when we were younger. Wishing you all a nice saturday evening! Scroll down for our creepy face mask picture. 
We had a bunch of different Disney villain face masks but we decided on these.
Had some good snacks while we watched The Princess Diaries for some nostalgia.
Haha I can't even, we look so hilarious and creepy at the same time. Recommend these for a good laugh!
Hemma Hos Felicia

hahaha Cruella de ville!! Måste nog vara den finaste ansiktsmasken!

Svar: Haha, ja det var ett roligt koncept!😄
Jennie Stenmark

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