On a day off together Jake and I went to Höljes Skans for a good walk combined with a history lesson. Not far from us at Höljes Skans in Värmland you find bunkers that were built in 1940-1945 in case the German soilders would try to attack Sweden through Norway during World War II. Sweden was a neutral country during the war but the fear was still there. I have shown pictures from this place before in 2017 when my family and I showed it to Jake's friend, Zack. Jake couldn't go that time cause he had to work so this was his first time seeing it. We had our fur baby with us and had a good time walking around together. An important place, a reminder to appreciate our peaceful life a little extra. Scroll down for all our pictures!
One of the bigger bunkers at Höljes Skans. 
Showing Jake Höljes Skans and its World War II bunkers for the first time. 
One of the different types of bunkers. 
If you want to it's okay to crawl in and see how they look from within. 
There are little signs by each bunker telling what kind it is. 
There's a stream going through the area which would provide drinking water but there's also and old well in the bunker area.
Jake and our baby boy. 
Taking a break inbetween exploring. 
There's a little cabin by the stream for tourist to barbeque at. 
Stones that have been put up to avoid tanks getting into the area. 
Another kind of bunker. 
I was not very tempted to walk down here but Jake did. 
Jake also walked down in this one and took some pictures from within. 
One of the pictures from inside the bunker, the area by the windows for the shooter.
The latter up to the top of the bunker for the shooter. 
Snack break before going home after our walk around Höljes Skans. 
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