This years Halloween costume! I took my niece trick or treating to my parents' house and we had a nice little dinner together where my mom had made green spagetti and meat sauce. I also printed some Halloween themed drawing sheets for us to paint, so we had a small but wonderful celebration at my parents' house. My niece loves the Frozen movies, and we always sing the songs in my car when I have her so I decided to surprise her with the Anna and Elsa costumes, and she was over the moon happy. To save on the environment and on the wallet I got her beautiful dress off a buy and sell page. And since it's cold fall here I got her a pair of knitted white stockings to go with the dress. The adult Anna dress I could not find on any buy and sell page so I bought it from Partyhallen, very happy with it, very fast delivery! The cape that came with was perfect in a stretch material, however I thought the dress itself was a bit small in the arms (where it had no strech). But I made it work and I'm still very happy with my costume and we had so much fun. That stoked smile on her face made my day! Press here for the link to my Anna dress  Scroll down for all our pictures! What did you dress up as for Halloween?
A very happy Elsa with her auntie Anna. 
I got my costume from Partyhallen and hers from a local buy and sell page online. 
My belt came with the costume but my black stockings and winter boots I had from before. 
The cutest little Elsa braid. 
I braided my hair and tied a bow with a satin ribbon in each braid to match my costume.
Happy girl that got to pick out the plates for our Halloween dinner. 
Table is set and ready for a spooky family meal. 
Elsa and Anna snap. 
A very fun and memorable day, grateful that I get to be an auntie to my sweet baby girl.
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