Best part of Halloween for me, carving pumpkins! When we had my niece last weekend we got a couple of pumpkins from the local grocery store so she could carve her first pumpkin with us at my parents house. She was so excited and thought it was fun to see the inside of the pumpkin and the whole process. We had Monsters Inc playing in the background which she had never seen before either so it was a cozy time with her actually laughing really hard at the movie. We used battery candles for our pumpkins and she was so proud when she got to put the candles in them herself. A very good day and evening that am very grateful for. Scroll down for all of my pictures.
Jake carving his amazing Monsters Inc pumpkin.
Excited girl ready to carve her first pumpkin.
Say cheese! She thought it was so much fun to see the inside of the pumpkin and the whole process. 
The finished result, Jake's monsters Inc pumpkin and the traditional Jack O' Lantern.
Proud girl after putting in the battery candles in our finished pumpkins.