14 oktober 2020

Fall Decoration

Interior Life

The results from me fall decorating mom's milk table. The milk table itself is just a decor that my dad built for my mom a few years ago because it's nostalgic to her. For her birthday this late September I got some fall stuff together and decorated it as a birthday surprise. Scroll down to see the result and where I got everything!
Mom's milk table after I finished decorating it for fall!
The milkcans my parents already had on there. The firewood I got from their barn. 
The basket flower pots I got last winter at Öob, and the orange Bollkryss flower (don't know the english word for them) is from a local Flower shop, Emmas blombo in northern Värmland.
The bowl I found in the garage by my parent's cabin, it's rusted and destroyed in the bottom but that doesn't mean it's useless. I filled it with stuff from the forest and some firewood and a plastic pumkin. Cheap and easy decor if you have access to the nature. 
The light rope is from Dollarstore in Sweden and runs on battery so you don't need a plug in. The flower pot "Flowers & Garden" is also from the dollarstore. The sign Höstkänsla (Fall feeling) and the flower in it; Ljung (heather?) is from a local flower shop; Emmas Blombo in northern Värmland.  
Hey there pumpkin! This fresh fall pumpkin I got at ICA Supermarket Toria, all the small plastic ones came in one bag that I bought last fall at ICA Maxi Bergvik. Side note, the plastic pumpkins turned out to not keep their color in rain, so if they still sell them this year, don't do my mistake and put them outside.. 
The metal bucket I got at a chain store for second hand items; Myrorna. I would recommend buying your decor at Second hand stores or Buy and Sell pages online first before buying new. Better for the environment and the wallet. The grass in the metal bucket is from the the forest surrounding my parents cabin. It was a fun project!
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