I hope you had a safe and calm Easter! Easter is usually not that big in my family, we usually just have a small lunch, sometimes not even with the traditional easter food. Luckily I've been working close with my family since the start of the pandemic so we already see eachother that way too. Jake had to work all of Easter so my dog Ari and I had a calm weekend with a lot of walks and some couch snuggles. Mom and dad had made some Easter food on Saturday so Ari and I ate with them, my younger brother and his girlfriend. I made dessert for everybody, I tried a new recipe for sugar free cheesecake, it did not turn out good, so we ended up only eating fruit haha. But it was fun to try a new recipe atleast. How was your easter? Did you eat easter food or what did you have? 
Easter spirit! I wore a cute satin top and jeans.The hair piece is from Dollarstore. 
My mom and dad had made some amazing Easter food 
Do you like Easter food or do you eat something else on Easter? 
I always forget and take food with my eyes instead of my stomach but the leftovers made a nice second dinner for Ari and I that night. I  made Jake a easter food box as well ofc. 
I tried a new recipe for sugar free cheesecake. 
Cute but not that good though, they turned out only testing like egg. 
Mom and I.
My younger brother and his girlfriend got me this Easter egg and card, so sweet!!
I also made Easter eggs and some Easter postcards using my Instax mini link polaroid printer and glue gun.
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