20 april 2021

Teddy Breakfast


Hi there! I have to share about this amazing account I found on instagram called @semmeljakten. They have so much nice and inspiring food, go check them out after reading this! I got inspired to make these cute teddybear sandwiches that they had made on their account. Sooo cute!! They used the gluten free bread from Gluten Free Makers, you can find that bread in ICA stores. I used Pågen's bread Kavring to make mine. Then I also used bananas, blueberries and organic chunky peanutbutter. These easy sandwiches brightens up any morning. Fun and easy breakfast project for all ages! 
I got inspired by the instagram account @semmeljakten to make these cute sandwiches. 
I used the Pågen bread Kavring to make mine, Semmeljakten used an Gluten free bread from Gluten Free Makers. Then I also used blueberries, bananas and organic chunky peanut butter
Fun breakfast that lightens up any morning. 
These are so cute, fun breakfast project for all ages!
Bland Kastruller och Vinglas

Vilka söta mackor. Så där gulligt lockande att äta
Kram Kajsa

Svar: Tack så mycket!! Var så kul att prova! :D
Jennie Stenmark

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