Last sunday on Jake's day off we decided to take a car ride to get out of the house. Made a date day out of it so we got my parents to babysit our dog Ari. We drove an hour and got some supplies that we needed for our house. After that we ate lunch at La Strada which is a Pizzeria in Torsby, Värmland. Besides having good pizza they also have amaaaaazing burgers; The Hot burger and the Original burger. Really recommend a try! Their burgers remind me of being in the states, and everytime I've been there they always do amaxing plating! It was our first time eating in a resturant since the start of the pandemic so it felt very weird but we thought of everything to be as safe as possible. After our lunch we made a very spountanious decition to drive to Sunne (about 30 minutes away) to walk up Tossebergsklätten. It's a mountain with a view over Sunne and the lake Fryken. In summer time you can buy food and fika up there. We tried to take the car up there one time in fall when there was early snow and ice on the mountain, we almost got stuck that time so to play it safe and also get a good workout we walked up. It's uphill all the way up, about 2 kilometers I believe, so it was rough at times, haha, but felt so good when we finally reached the top and saw the view. So proud of myself for that workout! Have you been up to Tossebergsklätten to see the view?
The view from the top of Tossebergsklätten, so proud when I reached the top. 
We ate lunch at La Strada in Torsby, their "hot burger" and "original burger" are amazing, reminds me of the states. 
Jake's day off so we made a spontaneous decision to walk up Tossebergsklätten. 
Taking a break with a picture. 
Kilometers off just uphill, on the way to the top of Tossebergsklätten in Sunne, Värmland. 
There was snow on the last part of the road up to the top. 
The view was worth steep walk up.
Beautiful view! 
The view is over the lake Fryken in Sunne, Värmland. 
Jake looking at the view. 
Hoping to do this soon again. 
Took an hour to walk downhill to the car.
Before we drove back home we ordered a chicken Quesadilla side from Diner45, the restaurant is very close to Tossebergsklätten. 
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