I believe Jake and I really surprised eachother with the things we got one another for Valentines this year. The day isn't usually a big thing, we usually just do what we can with it. He got me this gorgeous flower arrangement with the Black Opium Perfume from Yves Saint Laurent. I hinted that I saw that Emmas blombo (flower shop close to Branäs, värmland) makes these pretty flower arrangements for gifts. You can turn in any kind of gifts like wine bottles, perfume, christening gifts and she does beautiful flower arrangements to it. But I had never seen one like the heart he got me. I feel so grateful and beyond spoiled for having him in my life. For him I got this cute Bernie Sanders card from Etsy, so I wanted to sew him a pair of Bernie inspired mittens to go with the card. Then I also got him a pair of his favorite shoes; Vans. I heared a few months ago that he wants a black pair so I wanted to surprise him with that as well. He deserves it all and more. For the Bernie Sanders mittens I got two second hand sweaters and a soft fleece fabric to line them with. Fun project! For the gift wrapping I put fake rose petals from IKEA in the box for the Vans, and then a giftbag and bow from Dollarstore. Which is your favorite gifts out of these things? 
The things I put together for Jake on Valentines day this year. 
The beautiful flower arrangement Jake got me!
He bought the YSL Black Opium Perfume and turned it into Emmas Blombo (local flower shop) and they made this beautful arrangement with flowers and candy (!).  
I ordered the black Vans from Zalando and the fake rose pedals are from IKEA.
It was a fun project sewing the Bernie mittens for Jake. 
The card I got from Peabodystudioprints on Etsy.
The second hand sweaters I used when making the mittens. 
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