17 februari 2021


Fashion Life

My Valentines day! It was a good day, Jake worked until three in the afternoon so I took the oppertunity to work a little too, and I also got some extra time to finish his gifts (I sewed him a pair of Bernie mittens). After he got off work we took Ari for a long walk, we ate good food and watched movies all night. Super cosy evening! Lucky that we got to spend it together. Here's some pictures of a black Valentines outfit that I wore during the week. The beret is from Shein. I adjusted the mesh so it layed more over the eyes. The dress and shoes are from Shein as well, the shoes are sold out right now though.  What do you think of this one? Do you like the red or black outfit better? 

I love it all!!

Svar: Thank you!!
Jennie Stenmark

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