8 januari 2021

His Birthday

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Christmas, New Years, Dad's birthday, and now my fiancé Jake's birthday. He turned 25 on January 3rd, which also happened to be his day off, very nice to spend all day together. Before he moved to Sweden, I know he always wished for cherry pie on his birthday, he moved to me in 2016 and has not had one since. This year I decided to try to surprise him by making one. I bought finished cherry pie filling from Tasty America (imported american food online in Sweden), press here for the filling. I asked my mother in-law for a recipe for the crust, I missed that the recipe needed vegetable shortening, and I wasn't sure what I could use instead since we don't have for example Crisco in Sweden. I wanted to play it safe so I used a recipe book for American pies that I bought back in 2015 that didn't require vegetable shortening. I thought it turned out pretty well for being my first cherry pie! I also put together a lottery bouquet with some sausages for him. He got some other presents of course, like a cup, shirt, and a guitar flashdrive, but I'm also waiting for a few more things to arrive that were delayed in the mail. All in all the day brought gorgeous sunshine and we had a chill day in sweatpants, just like he wanted. 
The lottery bouquet that I made for him. Perfect gift idea for Valentines!
Birthday boy! My fiancé Jake opening some of the gifts my parents got him. 
My first cherry pie! Jake hasn't had his beloved cherry pie on his birthday since 2016. 
I used the recipe for the pie crust from this book. I bought the cherry filling finished from Tasty America, but he said afterwards that we should try the one in here too sometime.
Surprised him with the pie on the morning of his birthday together with his birthday breakfast. Lit some sparklers in it to make it look fancy together with the gold cake topper. I bought the cake topper from Etsy from a store called PomChickShop.
We woke up to some beautiful sunshine, the light made the mountain look pink, which unfortunately don't show as well in this picture. 
It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day!
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