Some winter pictures from our day off together last week. Jake, Ari, and I went for a car ride in the forest where we live to see if we could find a new pretty spot. This is the spot we found, it's very close to the ski resort Långberget. We walked around, looked at the pretty view over the water, I took some pictures, and then Ari and Jake played in the snow. We ended the day with watching the new Disney movie Soul on Disney+ while eating take away from the Pizzeria in Sysslebäck. Very good movie, recommend watching it for a movie night. 
My white gloves in the pictures below is from Lager157, press here for them. My scarf is an old one from Cubus. Scroll down for all the pictures from our day!
My sweet Ari was so fascinated with the view.
Such a pretty view over the water from the bridge. 
Ari keept peeking at the view, so cute. 
The view of the other side of the bridge. 
My two goofs playing in the snow, sometimes I can't tell who enjoys it the most, haha. 
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