Christmas 2020! My family didn't know if Christmas would even be a possibility considering the pandemic, we waited and waited with making any decisions to check if it even would be possible. Finally we decided on the 26th of December to have a small celebration outside. It was me, mom, dad, my older brother and his children. Different not being able to be the whole big family like we usually are on Christmas, but we feel lucky that we were even able to do this. My parents tried thinking of everything safety wise so my dad was in charge of the fire and food so that it would only be one person touching all the bottles and tools. Mom went to pick up the dessert from their house and while she was gone Santa appeard with a letter, the timing! The letter had clues to a treasure hunt inside to find the presents Santa had hidden this year. As soon as my mom got back the kids started running looking for the gifts. When all the boxes with gifts were found we all took place around the fire and watched the kids open. A different but very memorable day with a lot of distance, sanitizer, but also a lot of love and laughter. I would not mind doing an outside x-mas again even when the pandemic is gone. Hope your holidays weren't too hard and sending a huge hug if they were. 
My dad making fire at the beautiful sight by Munkebolsängen (Ambjörby), Sweden. 
So many childhood memories from here, love this pretty place. 
It was a very windy day!
My two nephews and my youngest niece. 
My older brother. 
Santa dropped by and left a letter with clues for a treasure hunt to find the gifts. 
So proud of her letter from Santa. 
Big and small were curious to read the letter with clues from Santa. 
My nephew is brother of the year for how fun he made the treasure hunt for my niece.
She found one box under the tree!
Her brother helping to get the box with gifts out from under the tree. 
Finding more boxes!
So curious to look into the boxes with gifts they found.
All the gifts are found! Brother and sister is helping out to hand out the gifts.
Happy over her new Frozen beanie.
But this was her absolute favorite present!
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