So happy that summer is here, trying to enjoy every second! I took out some early vacation days before summer gets busy so Jake and I are currently spending them at my parents cabin in Dalarna, Sweden. My dad surprised me with a pink bouqet after I got my first shot of covid vaccine so I had to bring it with me to enjoy here. He's so sweet! I get my second dose at the end of July. In these pictures I'm wearing a new cute pink top and light jeans (the jeans are plus size). Press the links to get to the clothes! Do you have anything pink in your closet?
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New summer top! Adore this one. 
Got a pose from my muse (aka Jake), haha!
Happy summer day, hope you get some of those too!
Have to end this post with the picture of my sweet dad surprising me with the flowers after my first shot of Covid vaccine, he had his second right before my appointment. <3 

Så fin 🌸

Svar: Tack så mycket fina du!🤩
Jennie Stenmark

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