Some spring pictures from a morning Jake, I and our dog Ari got to spend together before work. It's been a lot of work here recently so we try to take care of the oppertunities we get to spend time together. We took a small car ride this morning to go to a nice picnic place next to the river in Ambjörby, close to where we live. Ordered some take away on the way there, so we got a nice time eating by the river while enjoying some sunshine! Scroll down for my pictures from this lovely spring morning. 
Jake in his Jack Daniel's shirt that I got him for christmas. Ordered it from wish! 
We took a small car ride to this beautiful place by the river to enjoy some take away in the spring sun. 
Enjoying some sunshine. 
My top is from shein, link here
The three of us to a walk before it was time to head back again. 
Helloooo march and sunshine!
Valuing the times together. 
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