Last week mom and I helped my older brother with putting up wallpaper in his new man cave. He has turned his barn into a nice garage with a man cave upstairs. Beautiful and inspiring work he's done. The wood boards on the walls without wallpaper is from my mom's childhood home. Mom and I used Wednesday and Friday last week to do the wallpaper, I think it's nice to learn as much as I can from my parents so I take every opportunity with these kinds of things. I have wallpapered some with her before but mostly without pattern so since he had chosen a star patterned wallpaper it was a nice ( and at times frustrating) challenge. My 4-year old niece was also there and wanted to help so she got to help us measure the wallpaper and give us some dance exercise in between, haha. Do you have a project you're working on right now? Scroll down for our camera roll from this one. 
Mom and I ready to get the wallpaper in this man cave done. 
My sweet niece also wanted to help.
She got to help us mark the wallpaper where it needed to be cut.
I only took before and after videos, not pictures so here's a picture of the wallpaper that my niece took. 
My niece and I. 
Mom and I measuring out wallpaper. 
My older brother making a chandelier from an old wheel.
Happy to be done, and happy with the result. 
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