The countdown to the Friends Reuinion has begun!! I'm so excited for it, I was hoping that it would be another season or episode so I was disapointed when I heard that it's an interview but now I'm stoked for that as well. I haven't looked at all the details yet, I just know that it will stream on HBO Max on May 27th. Before we knew the date I ordered us some Friends lounge wear to have at home on lazy days. The clothes are from NA-KD and you will find the links below with the pictures. Jake and I started watching all the episodes together last year, he laughed at first when I suggested it, but guess who ended up watching some episodes without me..We are on the final episode and I can't bring myself to watch it yet, I know kind of how it ends cause I saw the final episode on tv many years ago, I'll probably watch it during the week before the reunion. </3.
Are you going to watch the Friend Reunion?  
Jake and I wearing our matching white Friends t-shirt. Loving the back print!
We got matching of the white unisex shirt. I sized down one size for Jake and a few sizes smaller for myself since I didn't want an oversized look. I also cut and rehemmed my shirt to make it shorter to fit my style more. The shirt in the picture is the original length. 
The back print of the white shirt is my favorite! Link to the white tee here.
I also ordered matching black unisex tops with this print! I got Jake the t-shirt and the hoodie for myself. Sized down one for Jake, and sized down 2 sizes for myself with the hoodie since (unpopular opinion) I don't like baggy hoodies as much. Link here for t-shirt. Link here for hoodie.  
Cheese warning on these pics. Like it said in one of the pictures above, my shirt is shortened, Jake's shirt has the original lenght. 
My new hoodie! I will be wearing this until it falls off, my new favorite piece of comfy clothing!!
This print is so great, haha! After long hard days I wish we had a bathtub so I could channel my inner Chandler. 
My reality pic after a long day! Hairbun, natural face, dog hairs and my sunshine. No matter if I have a frown, tears or a smile on my face he's always there (looking super cute).