Camera roll from the other day! I drove Jake to a regular check up for his diabetes, and in these pandemic times that was excuse enough to get a little dressed up and stand next to a garage door in the city, haha! I wore my favorite Harley Davidson hoodie that I thrifted from a second hand chain called Beyond Retro a few years ago. I happened to find the sunglasses with the flame design there too at the same time, I had been looking for a pair everywhere after I saw a similar model on Pinterest. The jeans are also thrifted but from a local second hand. The shoes I bought during a America trip a couple of years ago when we went to see our family in Kentucky, been planning to wear them forever but finally got to now. The handbag is also bought second hand so this whole outfit is pretty much thrifted fashion. What's your favorite second hand item at the moment
My favorite Harley Davidson hoodie that I thrifted from Beyond Retro in Stockholm a couple of years ago.
The back of the hoodie says it's originally from a Harley Davidson shop called Ernie's in Algona, Iowa, USA. 
The jeans are thrifted from a local second hand. 
The handbag is also bought second hand. 
Thought this raw handbag with it's marks and stories where perfect to the sunglasses and the rest of the look. 
Got a few selfies in when I waited in the car while Jake had his appointment. 
Me when I don't have to leave the car during the pandemic.
VS Me when I actually have to leave the car for an errand during the pandemic. 
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