Scrunchies! I've so far not been that big on scrunchies, I wear regular hair ties a lot more than scrunchies. I think that they are very cute so it's not like I don't like them, I just haven't gotten to it yet I guess. I found these cute leather scrunchies in a store the other week and had to get them, think they would be a nice detail to a lot of outfits. Here's a few pictures of when I wore one of them for the first time the other day! Scroll down to also see the holder I got to store them on, so simple, can't believe I didn't think about getting that until I saw it on Pinterest.
What's does your favorite scrunchie look like? 
Trying out one of the leather scrunchies! Used a regular hairtie underneath to keep it tight. 
The leather scrunchies I got the other week. 
I got this golden paper holder to keep my scrunchies on. 
Can't believe I didn't think about storing my scrunchies like this until I saw a picture of it on Pinterest. (P.s look at the cute picture of my mom and I from when my parents got married in early 2000's.) 
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