Just like Christmas it's was a different New Years Eve. Maybe not that much different cause we usually spend our New Years at home with our dog Ari to make sure he has a good evening considering the fireworks. Jake was working late on the 31st so dinner was on me. I ended up making a new recipe Couer De Filét Chicken, together with my mom. Perfect to have it finished in the bowl so I could just put it in the oven right before Jake got home. A calm evening in sweatpants, no home glam this year.
My dad's birthday is the day before New Years, so that was maybe a little more different than New years, but still very wonderful. Jake, Ari, mom, dad and I had a nice lunch outside in the forest to celebrate dad turning 51. We made an old classic dish called Kolbulle (=coal bun), which kind of like a pancake with pork made over open fire. To it we eat Lingonberry jam. Very delicious! Scroll down for all my pictures from our lunch with dad.
Me with my blanket from Lager157, link to it here
Birthday boy! Dad turned 51, the day before New Years Eve. 
Jake and our Ari. 
Look at how my dad looks at my mom thoooooooooo, they are so cute. 
Food always tastes best out in nature. 
After frying the pork mom poured in the batter. 
This smells so good out in the cold while it's cooking. 
Yummy! Warm Kolbulle with Lingonberry jam. 
Mom and I made New Years food together, quality time. Perfect to have it ready in the bowl to put in the oven right before Jake got home. 
Couer De Filét Chicken, basiclly chicken, asparagus, bacon, potatoes, tomato with basil and cheese.