Hi there! Hoping this Tuesday is treating you well. I'm having a good day off going through some pictures at home while watching some tv. Thought I'd share with you when I tried Swedish Mcdonald's new flavour of Mcflurry for this summer. I got it in the drive thru last monday when I was in town running errands. The new flavour is Mississippi Mud Pie! I was very excited to try it since I love everything chocolate. I've not had Mississippi Mud pie yet, but i imagined this ice cream would have a chocolate pie flavour. For me it was not quite like I imagined, it tasted mostly of chocolate ice cream sauce and some cookie pieces. I love the concept though, for me it was a 3/5.
Are you trying this during the summer? Let me know what you thought!
When I tried Swedish Macdonalds New Mississippi Mudd pie Mcflurry for summer 2021. I also treated myself to one of my favorite drinks, the tropical lemonade. 
I've not had a Mississippi Mud Pie yet but it looks so yummy so I was excited about this new flavour. 
Let me know what you think of the Mississippi Mud pie Mcflurry when you try it!