It's really been feeling like spring here in Värmland, the past week was sunny and very warm! However it has turned this week and so far it's been very grey again and windy. I took these pictures last week while it was still warm and somewhat sunny. I bought this beautiful spring bouqet at the local grocery store where I grew up, loved how it had several spring colors in one. To curl my hair I always use my Remington wand, I bought my first one during my exchange year in the US and I've loved it every since. The first one lasted for 6 years before it broke (and I curl my hair pretty often) and now I have a new one of the exact same model. Link to the curling wand here. The curls usually last in my hair for several days too, if I put my hair up in a bun at night. The fabric bag is an old one that I made back in 2013. The white top is an old one from Bikbok that I've had for years as well. Do you have a favorite spring flower?