Pictures from my camera roll! The two of us and our doggie spent the first of advent at my parent's cabin. A mini weekend together where we packed all of our food from home so we could stay in without doing more trips out during this pandemic than neccesary. There was so much frost everywhere so it was so pretty and cosy during our walks in the forest. I was wearing a new beanie that I had just bought from Shein, it's sold out at the moment but here's the link. If you are looking for beanies with antlers here's a few other ones I found. 
Scroll down for all my pictures from this weekend. 
Jake is wearing a red fleece jacket from Engelson, it's sold out atm but press here to see it. 
Loving this season and the frost. 
First of advent was so cosy, the second was also cosy but spent at home.