Local shop appreciation! I got a gift card at christmas from my mom and dad that could be used at all small buisnesses in the county. I had an errand in to town (Torsby, Värmland) on Tuesday so I took that opportunity to go to one of my favorite shops there; La Rose. I found a few things that I really liked, scroll down to see what I bought!
I got these two glass cups from Majas Cottage. I have a thing for cute cups so these had to go home with me. The best part is that Majas Cottage donates to Barncancerfonden (Child cancer fund).
All the things I got at La Rose! 
This lantern is also from Majas Cottage, the print in Swedish and means "Soft paws leave deep impressions on the heart". Very true, so grateful for all the paws that have blessed my life and heart with so much love throughout my life. 
Money from this lantern also goes to Barncancerfonden (Child cancer fund).
I also got these 2 gift bags in linen with a black print with the swedish word Fika and the definition of that word. I'm going to use one as a fika bag for when I bring cinnamon buns or something like that for a fika with friends and the other I'm going to send to one of my friends!
This store is so pretty! Located in Torsby, Värmland. 
Took these pictures of the store last year.